Git cheat sheet

Basic operations

git clone <repo_url>

Clone and create new local repository

git status

List all the changes in the repository; new file, modification or deletion

-s list all changes in short format

//to list changes in specific directory
$ git status <dir>
//to exclude a directory
$ git status . -- ‘:!dir_1’ ‘:!dir_2’

git diff

Compares modified files to staging area

git diff --staged

Compares staged files to last commit

git add <file>

Move file from working area to staging area

-A or --all move all modified/new files to staging area

//to exclude certain files and folders
$ git add --all -- ‘:!test/document.txt’ ‘:!docs’

git commit -m “<message>”

Commit all staged files to local project history

git commit -a -m “<message>”

Add and commit together. Short form for ‘git add -A && git commit -m <>’

git push <origin> <master>

Push local commited changes to remote. <origin> is the server and <master> is the branch to which changes are pushed

git pull --all

Pull all new changes on remote to local


git checkout <branch name>

Create new branch

git checkout -b <branch name>

Create new branch and switch

git merge <branch name>

Merge branch

git branch -d <branch name>

Delete branch

git branch

List all local branches

git branch -v

List branches with last commit

git branch --merged

List all branches merged with current branch

git branch --no-merged

List all branches which haven’t yet merged

Remote branch

git branch -r

List all remote branches

git checkout -b <branch-name> <remote-branch-name>

Creates new local repo from this remote branch

git push origin --delete <branch-name>

Delete’s remote branch


git stash

Saves all files to stash

git stash clear

Delete all changes in stash

git stash list

List all changes in the stash

git stash apply

Pops and applies recent stash

git stash show

List all recent stash changes


git rebase <branch>

Saves all files to stash

git rebase --continue

To continue after fixing rebase conflict issues

View commit history

git log

Lists summary of all commits

git log -p -2

Lists last two commit details

git log --stat

Displays stats

git log --pretty=online

Display in one line. Other options for pretty is short, full and fuller

git log --pretty=format: “%h %s” --graph

Display as graph

git log --oneline --decorate

Shows current HEAD pointer. (Git keeps a special pointer called HEAD, which helps git to know in which branch it is on)

Working with remotes

git remote

List all remote branches (use -v option to show URL’s)

git remote add pb <URL>

Add remote repo

git fetch pb

Fetch new changes from remote (fetch will not merge changes automatically)

git pull

Fetch and merge changes into curent branch

git push origin master

Push local changes from origin to master branch in remote

git remote show origin

Inspect remote; lists all details about the remote

git remote remove pb

Remove remotes


git tag

List all tags

git tag -a v1.4 -m “my version”

Create annotated tag

git tag v1.4

Create a lightweight tag

git tag -a v1.4 <commit-id>

Tag a particular commit

git push origin v1.4

Push particular tag to remote (By default ‘git push’ will not upload tags to remote)

git push origin --tags

Push all tags

Undoing things

git reset HEAD <file>

Un-stage a staged file

git checkout -- <file>

Undo a modified file

git add <file> && git commit --amend

Instead of creating new commit, this will add file to stage and then amends the most recent commit

git reset <file> && git rm --cached <file>

Remove tracked file. For example; target or .class files which are not needed to checkin

git rm -r --cached <file>

Delete from git but not from file system, next time this file will not be pushed